notfoundyet is an artist group founded in 2008. Its the collaboration between LAIA FABRE & THOMAS KASEBACHER

We like creating work that links audiences together and unifies them as part of the live event, building a temporary community. We like to work with codes that are established by society and play with them. We like to work with language. We like how it shapes our world and how it re-shapes the world through speaking about it. We like found texts, photos and materials and are interested in re-writing contemporary spaces and encouraging our audiences to re-consider theses spaces themselves. We like mundane movements and arbitrary gestures. We like cheap television shows and late night entertainment and the people presenting it. We like to sit in front of the computer, clicking the save button and believing we are saving everything around us. We like spaces that are something and say something else. We like tiled hotel lobbies with displaced leather sofas. We like to overhear conversations in crowded trams and busses. We like wild and wondrous stories. We like boring everyday stories. We like to tell all kinds of stories.

We are based in Vienna and draw from contemporary life as the inspiration of our productions. Our work is located in performance, choreography and visual arts. For our productions we collaborate with various other artists, musicians and performers.

The working process is based on collaboration and productions emerge out of a process-oriented working routine in the studio, which draws on improvisations, texts, objects and music. The basis is provided by a concept which outlines the general ideas and which is then put through a research and creation process in the rehearsal room.
However, having said this it is important to mention that our strategy is mainly to change strategies depending on what we are working on.
Not to get stuck, to be too comfortable, I guess - the thrill of being confused, unsure and devastated by what you are doing. The excitement of being lost and displaced.

Creation in our view is dirty but pleasurable business - you are stuck in a dark room with friends and really that's all there is to it - with all the joy and disappointment of making work. But then the piece emerges slowly in front of your eyes and takes shape.
That's fun and this is why we do work.

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