/// dance/performance 2011 ///
Perfect Happiness deals with the state of the world reflecting on its economic state.
The show features a subdued vaudeville atmosphere with dances and songs, texts about the state of things, Chinese noodles, and various product presentations. Caught in an economic reality in which no longer the actual product, but rather a piece of lifestyle is for sale, man is condemned to become the ultimate commodity himself.
The plastic shopping bag, as a symbol of consumption becomes the stuff that dreams are made of and is used to design utopian models, which ultimately also turn out to reach dead ends: resistance is useless, surrender not an option...
Performance&ChoreographyBruno Roubicek, Laia Fabre, Thomas Kasebacher
Directed&CreatedThomas Kasebacher
TextThomas Kasebacher&Company
Textual AdviceRosemarie Poiarkov
MusicBernd Oppl
Dramaturgical AdviceHeidi Wilm and Hugo Viera da Silva
CostumesSabine Desbonnets
LightKay Hupka
AssistanceAnna Felbein
Photography&Image LayoutMaximilian Pramatarov
CoachingRodrigo Garcia
Perfect Happiness is a coproduction of notfoundyet and brut Vienna and is supported by MA7 - Culture department of the City of Vienna, BMUKK - Culture secretary of Austria, Austrian Cultural Forum Paris, Chantiers Nomades, France, Austrian Cultural Forum Brussels and BUDA - Kunstencentrum Kortrijk, Belgium.
© maximilian pramatarov