videoinstallation, 26 minutes colour/sound video © 2010

"a super-charming infocomercial terror show"
Chris Standfest / Curator at Impulstanz Festival 2012.

"PUDDING" is a constructed situation between two product sellers that
deals with the themes of product, sales, time and language.
As the video progresses, it becomes more surreal and the gap between
the language the performers use and the actual need to sell a product widens.
It becomes more and more unclear as to what they are selling.
The dialogues are live quoted from telesales programs and through the
performative action become strange - or to say “different” by the way
of inserting the actual product on sale ”pudding” into the logic of
the language used in real telesales programs.

Video and Performance by Laia Fabre and Thomas Kasebacher.
With assistance and thanks to : Anna Feldbein, Rebecca Kwon, Sonia Hochauer and Anna Spanlang.

.kiosk59 Festival at WUK, April 2010 in Vienna.
.brut Wien Tanznacht in October 2010.
.Rundgang 2011 at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.
.Atelier/PACT Zollverein 2012.
.CPA Choreographic Platform Austria / Impulstanz Festival 2012.
.FRIDAY EXIT Gallery Space, Viena 2013.